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Traning in convassing deal

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Miss Sa... IC...
65000 Tarbes

Prepared job(s): : I'm stuying in a commecial section that will permit me to have access to commercial job, and particulary international relation

School: Lycée Marie Curie
65000 Tarbes

Education level: 1st year

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : High school completed
Last diploma : BAC
Current educational level : +1
Prepared job(s): : I'm stuying in a commecial section that will permit me to have access to commercial job, and particulary international relation

Duration of the internship: 8 semaines
Beginning of the internship:
2010-05-10 2010-07-02
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence :

Cover letter

I'm in my first year of International Trade BTS, a post-A-level-diplom that permit to work in the commercial trade in the Lycée Marie Curie of Tarbes, in France.

I need to do a placement for my traning in this BTS during May and June, and more exactly from the 10th May to the 2nd July. I need to work in the canvassing section for this placement.

I'm really serious and interested by my studies so I can invest myself in a company that accept my request as a trainee, and I will work hard during those two month in order to satisfate the company which took as a trainee and to do a great job for my training.

I will have to do a training report after those two month of placement that I will send to the company which accept me during this two month.

I hope you will be interested by my profile and will contact me.


Résidence Orly Bât:A Appt:6
52, rue Galiane
65000 Tarbes FRANCE
Date of birth : 9 january 1991 Age : 18
Sex : female
Nationality : French
Marial status : single

2009-2010 : Attending the first year of a two-year-post-A-level course in International Trade at Marie Curie High School; 4 rue le Dormeur, Tarbes. My BTS exam is scheluled for June 2011.
2008-2009 : Graduated from secondary school in June 2009 with the French Baccalaureate specialised in maths/physics/biology

Work Experience
January 2006 : placement of one week in a bookshop

English : working knowledge, written and oral
Arabian : working knowledge, written and oral
(bilingual in Maroccain dialect)

Computer literacy
Good working knowledge of computers.
Regular use of Word, Excel, Power Point and Photoshop

Interest and hobbies
Making sweets, Japanese & Korean customs


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Word, Power point, excel, photoshop

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Non

Languages :
English : Advanced
French : Native
Spanish : Intermediate
Arabic : Fluent

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